Summer 2019

Group Meeting Schedule:
Date             Presenter			Topic
----             ---------             		----- 
May 17           Amirhossein                    Deep-EAS: An Energy-aware Scheduler for Heterogeneous Cluster Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
May 31           Haolin                         Tapeout Summary and SFQ Single-Stage Logic Full Adder Design
June 7           Bo                             The Minimal Set of Critical Paths for SSTA
July 3           Souvik				Parameter reduction techniques for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks through modified Kernel and Architectures
July 12          Soheil                         A Timing-Aware Clock Tree Topology Generation Algorithm for Single Flux Quantum Logic Circuits (Work in Progress)
July 19          Marzieh                        Design Space Exploration of Approximate DFGs with Clustering
August 16        Saeed                          Neural Network Based Current Source Modeling
August 16        Prof. Afzali-Kusha             Improving the Reliability of Inverter-based Memristive Neural Networks
August 23        Haolin
August 30        Mahdi